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Caves in Balatongyörök


Balatongyörök is located in a beautiful environment, not only the Lake Balaton, but also Keszthely mountain offers wonderful experience for the sightseers!

In the Keszthely-hill there are numerous smaller and larger caves. There is some of them near from Balatongyörök. One well-known is the Szobakű Cave.

Szobakű Cave is located about 5000 meters from the village center. The tour in the forest starts from Bélapi rest area, where you can refresh in a new hut, bacon bake and we are also waiting for the children with playground. Going along the yellow strip, the Szobakű “cave” is 5 km far from the center of the village. It is a 8 meter high and 3 meter wide stone niche, from which the limestone is formed. The walls of the cave are colored blue and green by mineral precipitations. Here is a dirt hole, it is 3 meters deep.


Csodabogyós-Cave is located between Balatongyörök and Balatonederics, in the Keszthely-hill. This cave is the 10th longest cave in Hungary.

Near Balatonederics, in the beautiful forest of the Highland National Park there is the strictly protected, more than 5 km long Csodabogyós Cave. The mysterious world of stalagmites and salacties can be discovered on adventurous cave tours. The visitors can admire various formations in different section of the cave (eg. Hanging Garden, Fairyland, etc.).
Its fissures show the upper-Trissic strata like natural geological sections.
Strandard tour: 4 hours; advenced tour: 6 hours. Caving overalls and equipment are provided by the Highland National Park. Available all year by prior arrangement.


Pictures of Szobakű-cave

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