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Szigliget Castle can be considered the protector of Lake Balaton.

The fortress on the peninsula towers above the lake in a unique way. The settlement and the castle are the jewels of Western Balaton, offering a wonderful view of the lake. The old town of the settlement, its wine cellars exude a truly historic atmosphere, with a significant number of archaeological sites.

The 750-year-old royal castle, the Eszterházy Castle, the old houses of the old village are all pieces of the past that enchant the visitor. The settlement is not one of the noisy holiday villages of Lake Balaton.

Quiet, peaceful location, a real little village. Peace and nature are the master. Wine cellars invite people to rest here. Here you can get everything you can, take a leisurely stroll through the old town or walk up to the castle, where you can admire the thousand faces of Lake Balaton.

It is worth escaping to Szigliget from the noise of the world. Szigliget is easily accessible by boat, train, car and bike on the bike path. The distance is 10 kilometers.