8313 Balatongyörök, ExcursionSight

The view is fantastic: on the left, mountains of the Tapolca-basin: Badacsony, Saint-George-hill, Csobánc, Gulács, Tóti-mountain, Haláp, Somló, Lesser-Somló & Ság-hill. The mountain range marked by the once-existing volcanic activity surround the Eastern part of the bay. This scenery is enriched by the castle of Szigliget. On the left, in front of the mountains is the reconstruced walls of the castle, which inject a bit of history to the landscape.

At main road 71 there is a resting place with a touch info point for tourists, with benches made of wood for resting, and shady pines. Once called Chapel Hill, there is an area in the Eastern part of the village which was completely renovated, easy to access by car or bike, with parking place avalible.

The plantlife of the lake is a thing of beauty, the golden reeds dancing as a gentle breeze blows in the glaring sunshine, next to a green, vast foilage of trees reaching for the clouds while pine scent is lurking in the air. Looking around from the viewpoint all seasons and weather conditions give the admirer a different experience. In clear weather we can observe the refractioning of sunrays and glistening of the waves. However, we might have a remarkable experience if we can catch the moment when a bolt of lighning strikes upon the water. In windy conditions there are dozens of sailboats cruising on the lake, not even mentioning the regattas when several hundred white spots sail past the bay.In winter the picture of the frozen lake, alongside rimy trees and sounds of ice cracking impresses tourists.

The name Chapel Hill refers to the once existing Dominican monastery. At the foot of the hill there are remains of a 2nd century Roman palace, also there is a natural spring.

This area is the place for the Roman Age Festivities, which celebrates the pristine Roman culture and wine – which is still a cornerstone of the Balaton Uplands.