Pleasure boat trip

8313 Balatongyörök, MólóExcursionSight

It is worth trying Lake Balaton as it offers a unique experience and can be especially memorable for young children who may even try to steer the boat.

In the summer heat you can also refresh the foam on the lake, as there is almost always air movement above the water. Let’s not forget the prospect. The view from the Balatongyörök harbor is beautiful too, imagine how wonderful it can be to admire the view from the inside of the lake. At a comfortable pace the boat is almost rocked by the summer water of Lake Balaton; Boating is not to be missed on a true Balaton vacation.

At Balatongyörök Boat Station you can purchase tickets for all scheduled and non-scheduled boats during the summer season. Out-of-season boats during the summer season are party boats as well as pleasure boats.

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