8313 Balatongyörök, Excursion

Strolling up on the main street of the village, passing main road 71, and proceeding on Mogyorós street, there is a fireplace at the edge of the forest called Bélapi restplace. Also Szépkilátó and the Roman spring are perfect for picnics.

Bélapi restplace

The ideal picnic place with benches, tables and a wooden house against rain. Most hiking routes start from here, and the restplace has capacity for bacon roasting and cauldron cooking. For children, a playground is avalible until the adults cook.

Its in a green environment, far from noise, yet close to the village. Easy to access by bike, and there is possibility to play ball games. In spring, there is a constant scent of ramsons, as there are tons of the plant in the area. There is also a large field of grass which is perfect for family recreation.


Szépkilátó offers an unmatched scenery, not only in Balatongyörök, but the whole Balaton. It is free to visit, there is a free parking lot, picnic tables and diner in the area.

Roman spring

The spring’s crystal clear water is flowing through a stone well, in a well-kept environment. There are benches around, and a fireplace for those who want to escape from the burning sun. The spring, after bursting to the surface, creates a small pond, which is beautiful to see. Also easy to access from Szépkilátó.