Trips in the Keszthely Hills by bike

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Starting from Balatongyörök, we have the opportunity to ride on difficult terrain in the Keszthely Mountains.

In Balatongyörök we go straight to the main street of the village, then cross the roundabout on road 71 and we get straight to the bacon roasters. This is about 3 kilometers. At the barbecue grill, relaxed bikers and play equipment await tired bikers. From this point you can reach many attractions, but mostly on uphill terrain, on a somewhat difficult route. The Bél Mátyás Lookout Tower, Batsányi Lookout Tower, Room Cave, Büdöskút are also accessible.

Balatongyörök – Szigliget – Hegymagas – Tapolca – Lesencetomaj – Vállus – Büdöskút – Balatongyörök (kb.: 35 km)

Despite the high altitude differences, beginners are advised to go on one of the most beautiful routes in the Keszthely Mountains. From the bike path, turn north at Alsógyenes Beach, at the roundabout on Faludi Street to the edge of the village, from where there is a short dirt road to the forest road. The next section is a little steep, but the scenery compensates everyone. Small slopes and slopes alternate all the way to the Büdöskút rest area. From here comes a pleasant slope, in a shady forest all the way to Balatongyörök. If you are in good shape, you may recommend climbing the Bél Mátyás lookout. This is almost Balatongyörök, but if you still want to get around, you can head back to Keszthely for an afternoon lunch or early dinner, after which it is worth returning by boat to Balatongyörök. In the afternoon, early in the evening, the colors of the lake play wonderful colors. The approx. In 40 minutes you can relax and enjoy all the bike riding. Distance by bike: 35 km.

Balatongyörök – Balatonmáriafürdő – Fenékpuszta- Keszthely – Gyenesdiás – Vonyarcvashegy – Balatongyörök (kb. 40 km)

If we turn to Vállus before Büdöskút, there are some steeper ascents. In the castle valley, bending towards the Lesencek, we get a real rural view, with vineyards and dense forests. On the shoulder, in the woods to Büdöskút, a steep slope leads to the arboretum. A hiking point with a rainfall, fireplace and benches is ideal for relaxation in time and distance. A real forest atmosphere awaits you here, with cool forest air and half-clouds.

Occasionally, one game can be observed if we do not disturb the silence in the forest. Going left of the stink fountain Balatongyörök approx. 5 miles more. You can depart from the route in many places and see other sights. Forest signs tell you where to see. There is an abundance of cycling paths that only creativity and physics can limit. Distance by bike: 40 km.