Balaton Minor

8392 Zalavár, Kányavári-szigetExcursionSight

The fauna and flora of Kis-Balaton is highly protected, but Kányavári Island is open to all.

You can have a real close-up experience when you visit: the island is led by a wooden bridge with a wonderful view of the aquatic and bird life of the almost untouched lake. From the lookout, anyone can look around, and even the youngest ones can study the fauna of Kis-Balaton on the Bubble Grebe study trail.

There is also a possibility for relaxation, picnicking, fire places, drinking water, washbasins. For anglers, the lake to which Balaton daily tickets apply is a must. The whole lake is a nature reserve so you should pay close attention.

It has been preserved untouched until now, and there are many species of birds and flora that are very rare elsewhere. With great care, in silence, taking care of the flora and fauna it is worth enjoying the wonders of nature at Lake Balaton. It is easily accessible by bicycle and car, the distance is about 35 km.

Pictures of the Balaton Minor