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There are numerous viewpoints in Balatongyörök waiting for tourists.


The viewpoint on Garga mountain was built in 1972. It’s peak is 221 meters, and provides a magnificent view to the Tapolcai-basin and its mountains. Also the Keszthelyi-mountains look stunning, along with the shores of Somogy and the bay of Keszthely. It was renovated in 2001 by the Balaton Uplands National Park.

The viewpoint is in the woods, therefore it has a wide range of unique plant- and wildlife. The mixed foliage of the forest defends some endangered species, rare plants and animals.

It is accessible from the Bélapi restplace. Yellow cross and yellow triangle signs show the way. The neighboring Batsányi viewpoint is also seen from here.


On the top of the Pap-mountain, at 448 meters, at the so called Boncostető, an unmatched scenery can be seen onto the Balaton Uplands. It was repaired in 2003 by the forestry of Keszthely.

It can be accessed from the Bélapi restplace or Szépkilátó through Szerelemdomb. Even by the route from Szépkilátó which has the red triangle sign – though this route is harder, an narrower than the others.


The viewpoint is located south of Büdöskúti restplace, about 500-600 meters away. In 2002 the Balaton Uplands National Park made smaller improvements on it.

GPS coordinates: 46.762492,17.351743


At main road 71 there is a resting place with a touch info point for tourists, with benches made of wood for resting, and shady pines. Once called Chapel Hill, there is an area in the Eastern part of the village which was completely renovated, easy to access by car or bike, with parking place avalible.
Szépkilátó is free to visit. No charge for parking spots, tables for picnics, and diners are avalible at the place.
The view is fantastic: on the left, mountains of the Tapolca-basin: Badacsony, Saint-George-hill, Csobánc, Gulács, Tóti-mountain, Haláp, Somló, Lesser-Somló & Ság-hill. The mountain range marked by the once-existing volcanic activity surround the Eastern part of the bay. This scenery is enriched by the castle of Szigliget. On the left, in front of the mountains is the reconstruced walls of the castle, which inject a bit of history to the landscape.