General informations

The conditions of redempting beach season tickets/passes

free beach ticket

Those, who posesses a permanent residency in Balatongyörök not later than the 1st of January of the given year and the leave conductwise in the village are entitled to free beach pass. Holiday house owners are entitled to discounted beach season ticket. The conditions of this are not having failed tax return or tax arrears. Family members (consort, registered partner and straight lineage relations) can take out two more free passes as a permatent inhabitant’s relation and five more discounted beach season tickets as a holiday house owner’s relation.

The discounted free day tickets and week tickets are availabile for guest with West Balaton Card, which can be demanded in the Tourinform office or from some quarters. Our prices you can find on the Beach ticket prices site.

The child group ticket enables 20% discount from the day ticket for groups with more than 20 children.

How to redempt the season ticket/pass: the petitioner have to redempt a certificate from the district clerk’s office about having no tax arrears or unconfessed tax. After these our colleagues make the pass in the office; they need a photo and an ID card/passport/driver’s licence. People who redempt the free pass, have to pay 500 HUF which is the fee of making the card.
The passes provided with bar code are made in the district clerk’s office and can be took away immediately. The tax certofocates can be pre-requested by e-mail or phone.

gale warning

There are 25 gale warning station around the Balaton watching the safety of bathers and sailors. The sparkling yellow light signal was always placed to high point from where are well-visible for everyone. Taking these warnings serious is very important, because it is frequent that the trouble arrives in no time. Accidental storm clouds are not always visible from the beach because of the high trees. Please, don’t overestimate your abilities. It is almost impossibile getting out from a wind-storm with air mattress or paddle boat.Gumimatraccal. In case of trouble you can ask for help from lifeguards. The gale warning is operating from the 1st of May till the 30st of September.